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What is this?

  • Fresh2Film is a project designed to introduce film enthusiasts to its inner workings.

  • Throughout Michaelmas term you will be placed together with other people in a crew which will produce a short film to be shown at the Cambridge Shorts Festival in Lent.


  • You must be "Fresh-to-Film". No prior experience behind the camera in filmic terms.                                    (you can be a photographer for example, we will not crucify you if that is the case)

  • The short cannot be longer than 5min nor shorter than 2min. (Sorry no filmic odysseys for you yet)

  • Your film must adhere to up-to-date pandemic guidelines - check out the university and government web-pages for the current advice and information on distancing, you must follow these for your film to be considered for screening at the festival (#StaySafeCambridgeUni)

  • And lastly: be a team player.


  • Every crew will have access to the Equipment of CUFA

    • We will require the submission of a filming schedule to be able to organise and provide this service equally to every participating group.​

  • The Committee members will be available for consultation.

  • Should you feel misplaced or at odds with your crew please contact the Committee to rectify the situation and avoid any delays.

  • If requested we will do crew call outs if a key piece is missing within your line-up (for example: Actors).

Where do I sign up?



wEEK 1-4

  • Introduction to the Project

    • Welcome to Cambridge Film [11.10.21]​

    • Fresh2Film Launch Event  [14.10.21]

    • Fresh2Film Social.   [20.10.21]

  • Creation of the Crews 

  • Meet & Greet + brainstorm

  • Crews get organised

    • Everybody will get a role

    • Should any conflict arise, the Committee will intervene

  • Submission of the idea       [Date to be confirmed]

  • Submission of a filming schedule to be approved by the Committee

wEEK 4-7

  • Filming period 

  • Possibility to consult/ask questions to Committee members


  • Editing

  • Finishing touches


  • Submission

  • Cambridge Shorts Festival Showcase of F2F Shorts