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What goes on behind that silver screen? Join us as we find out what makes a production tick from the people in the thick of it. In this series we welcome production designers, animators, directors, writers, makeup artists and more to get their perspectives on life in the industry. 

Michaelmas Term

MOnday 9th oCTOBER

Catherine Goldschmidt DOP

Emmy-nominated cinematographer Catherine Goldschmidt, renowned for her exceptional work in film and television, will be our guest on Monday. She boasts a remarkable portfolio, including award-winning independent features and documentaries. Notably, she served as the lead DP on Doctor Who's 12th Season, earned acclaim for her innovative framing techniques on the Emmy-nominated show Dummy, and contributed to critically acclaimed series like Chloe and House of the Dragon.

Catherine holds an MFA in Cinematography from the American Film Institute and a BA in Film Studies from Wesleyan University. Her active involvement in industry organizations includes being a voting member of BAFTA and a full accredited member of the British Society of Cinematographers. She's also a founding member of illuminatrix, a collective of female cinematographers in the UK.

For those intrigued by her pioneering double ratio shooting technique, you can find more details here

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